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I'm using pine 2x2's to create a solid piece of wood for a King sized headboard. I will be gluing the 2x2's togetherbut thought about using my Kreg jig to save myself some time.

2x2 pocket holes

I still want to use glue, but I only have 6 clamps, so the use of the jig would be to save dry time. Since the wood is 1.

Pocket-hole pointers

I've seen 2x2's used with pocket hole jigs when drilling with the grain. I would like to know the size of screw and the setting should use on the jig. Share Tweet Facebook. Views: But--if you're mainly using the screws in place of clamps and not "structurally" and you don't have long screws on hand, you can use shorter screws.

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Just change your jig and collar settings as above, and then drive in the screws you have. Shorter screws won't penetrate as far, but plenty far enough to clamp the pieces until the glue sets.

By the way, don't forget to reset your jig and collar back to your usual settings before you return to thinner stock! It might be kind of slow to assemble boards one at a time with pocket screws, but it can be done.

You are basically using the pocket screws in lieu of clamps, so once the glue dries, you can remove the screws.

2x2 pocket holes

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Why and when might you need temporary mail? Well, for example, on the network, most of the online services and sites in which registration is required, forums, blogs, social networks, various communities and still require an Email address as an… Continue. Started by Obortaz in Beginners' Zone Sep Several months ago, I purchased the Kreg K4MS so that I could build the Lego Table as outlined on the companion "buildsomething" web site which exclusively uses pocket hole construction.

I have considerable experience with conventional…. Posted by Robert Ringel on September 17, at pm — 1 Comment.

2x2 pocket holes

Then I installed it. Then the real test, hook…. Posted by Grampy Meyer on February 23, at am.

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Powered by. All Discussions My Discussions Add. I hope this helps. I reuse screws all the time. Typically I take about half of them out. Need Help? RSS View All. Add Videos View All.Pocket-hole joinery allows you to assemble projects with screws instead of complicated joints that require advanced skills and expensive tools. But if you think about it, the pocket-hole jig is really only part of the equation.

The pocket-hole screw is what holds your pieces together to create a strong, long-lasting joint. Here we break down the screw selection process to a few questions. This how-to video shows why it matters so much. Always be sure, when selecting a Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw, that you use the actual thickness.

You can also get the handy Screw Selector Wheel to have an easy reference source. The next question to ask yourself is: What kind of wood you are using to build your project? Softwood, hardwood, or plywood?

How to select the correct pocket-hole screw

When you know that, you can choose the correct screw thread type — either coarse or fine thread. Woods like pine and spruce, for example known as softwoodsare soft and not very dense. That means they need a screw with deep, aggressive threads that will bite into those soft fibers. Coarse-thread Kreg Pocket-Hole Screws work great for these woods. Coarse-thread screws are also the preferred choice for sheet goods like plywood and MDF.

On the other hand, hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry are too dense and hard for coarse-thread screws. The aggressive threads tend to tear the wood fibers, resulting in splits in your wood. For these hardwoods, choose fine-thread Kreg Screws. The threads are less aggressive, but there are more of them to ensure great holding power without splitting. Next, think about where your project will be used.

Zinc-coated screws are suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms. These screws feature 3 anti-corrosion layers to help them resist corrosion in wet areas for the long haul. Stainless Steel Kreg Pocket-Hole Screws are the ultimate choice for outdoor applications that involve excessive exposure to moisture and corrosive elements.

With all the kinds of screws you can buy in home centers, you might ask yourself if you really need to use Kreg Pocket-Hole Screws to build your projects. Why choose them over wood screws, drywall screws, or deck screws? The answer is that Kreg Pocket-Hole Screws are engineered for pocket-hole joinery, with specific features that ensure the best performance.

How to select the correct pocket-hole screw. July 14, Which pocket-hole screw should I use? Step 1. Step 2. What kind of wood are you using? Step 3. Will your project live indoors or outdoors? Step 4. Associated Products. Stainless Steel Pocket-Hole Screws.

Zinc Pocket-Hole Screws.Make precise, square cuts. When making projects with right angles, such as cabinets or face frames, square cuts ensure square assemblies. Anything less will result in gaps or unsquare joints. If you cut stock on a mitersaw, tune it up as well.

Plan your work, work your plan. After cutting but before drilling, lay out project parts in the orientation you want, and then mark the back faces, as shown below. Be sure to also draw other layout marks, such as where a middle rail lines up with the stiles. Then drill pocket holes into the marked faces to prevent accidentally drilling into the best face.

Grab the best grain. Drill pocket holes so screws thread into edge or face grain for maximum purchase; avoid screwing into end grain, as shown below. These screws won't hold as well threaded into end grain. Instead, drill the pockets on the rail and drive screws into edge grain of the stile.

Set the correct pocket depth.

Pocket Hole Tips / Pocket Hole Jig Tricks

For strongest joints, set the stop collar according to your jig's instructions. Check this each time you use the jig to avoid accidentally drilling too deep. A corded drill bores a cleaner hole than a cordless one because of its faster bit speed. Excessive tear-out around the pocket could indicate a dull bit. Keep a second bit on hand so you can switch to it when the first begins to dull. Smooth the way. Before drilling, spray the bit with a dry lubricant, such as Bostik DriCote, to reduce drilling friction and prolong sharpness.

Repeat after every 20 or so holes. Clear chips frequently. Pull the bit out when you've reached about half depth to clear the chips; then finish drilling. This reduces friction and bit dulling. Match up different thicknesses.If you are using a Kreg Jigthis chart will help you choose the correct jig setting and screw length for your joint. You can also use the calculator I made to automatically generate the correct settings.

Use the graphic at the bottom of the chart to see which joint you have, and follow the directions for finding the correct box containing the right jig setting and screw length. In the same box you will find the screw length. Be sure to test board combinations that you are not familiar with. Use this calculator to determine the settings you need for your Kreg Jig and drill bit.

It will also tell you what length screw works best for your wood thicknesses. Make sure to choose the correct joint type for your joint. Always test unfamiliar screw and jig setting combinations before using on your actual project. Do your edge to edge calculations work for my frame? Thanks for all your efforts. Hi Robert, yes the calculations should remain the same even for a corner miter joint. Hi, using the thinnest board to set your jig is a good rule of thumb, but the calculator is meant to give more precise results.

Pin 9K. Share Jig Setting:? Screw Length:? Robert Reply.

2x2 pocket holes

I think there might be a small bug in your calculator.Forums New posts Search forums. Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles.

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Sort by reaction score. Thread starter conny63malies Start date Oct 31, Mar 22, 5, 85 Annetta Kentucky. I want to build the "Poulet chalet "from page 47 of the Chicken Coops book.

The basic size will be 3x5 and 5ft high. The angle of the roof top will be 90degree for the ease of building. I think it is a nice coop that will give me more coop room than the kids garden coops 8sqf from Harrison-Nooney and still ample covered run space for when its rainey and they dony feel like going in the yard and most important it is not as expensive.

I want to use the kregs pocket hole jig for most of the construction,good idea or bad???

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Kreg Jig Settings Chart and Calculator

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